A year in review – harvesting this year/ seeding the next: ALF event, Dec 2013

October 28, 2013

The next ALF (Action Learning for Facilitators) is on Thurs 5th December 2013.

The topic of this event aimed at AL facilitators new and old is A year in review – harvesting this year / seeding the next

Reflection is a pivotal part of an Action Learning Set. It is often the moment when insight and learning transforms into commitment to the future.

Self reflection could be a pivotal part of being a set facilitator. So what do we do to reflect and self care?

In this session we will offer you a model of cyclical review based on the wheel of life and using the seasons of the year to prompt our thinking and questions.

  • What could our own reflections and learning offer our clients or action learning sets?
  • Can we collectively develop any new tools and techniques for use in our learning sets?

The day starts at 10am with coffee and finishes at 4.30pm. Cost £25. Contact Janie Wilson for more details


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