What is action learning?

Founded in the 1950s, action learning is a proven method and a rising star in the world of professional development. It’s all about transformation for both the individual and the organisation, and has earned a well-respected place on many management, leadership and professional-development programmes.

Action learning brings small groups of people together in a supportive context, helping them to grow personally and professionally at work and to develop their organisations and businesses. Members of these action learning sets may all be from the same organisation; alternatively, in ‘open’ sets, they may start out as strangers from various businesses or across a sector who share a common role or concern.

One of the many reasons for the success of action learning is that it tackles the real issues faced by the members of the set. Over the course of the programme, they benefit from having the space and time they need to discuss and consider different perspectives on their issue, adapting their thinking and working through potential new solutions accordingly.

By the end of the programme, set members may have a new approach for the issue they face, but will also have developed as more reflective, adaptive, self-aware leaders.

Action Learning offers creative and flexible ways to help you:

  • clarify direction and priorities
  • find solutions to problems you face at work
  • confidently make decisions
  • address your business challenges
  • develop your leadership and management skills.

Find out more about action learning

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