Who benefits most from Action Learning?

Any individual can benefit from Action Learning — whether an employee or the person in charge; whether self-employed or part of a large organisation; whether in the private, public or third sector. However, it’s fair to say that action learning tends to be especially helpful with certain situations, contexts and challenges.

Action Learning is well-suited to a variety of situations:

  • Social Entrepreneurs in the Start-up or step up phase of their enterprises
  • Organisations facing or experiencing major change
  • CEO and leaders juggling priorities in a period of growth
  • The extension or enrichment of leadership/management development programmes
  • Where individuals or teams want to collaborate better

And find ways of being more productive

  • When a situation needs to be resolved but there is no clear way forward.

Action Learning is well-suited to the following people:

  • Those who largely work alone or feel isolated — such as the self-employed and CEOs
  • Leaders and business owners who would value a peer group to share thinking and learn together
  • Those needing to enhance their interpersonal, communication and/or leadership skills
  • Individuals in a new role or preparing to step up
  • People at a crossroads in their careers or lives
  • Those who need to develop their confidence, self awareness and presence

How will you benefit from action learning?

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