Fiona Scrase

Fiona ScraseFiona has a background in Human Resource Development and facilitating community workshops. She has specialised in Action Learning since 2000 combining her knowledge of learning, facilitation, and coaching to become recognized in the Action Learning field.

Fiona is interested in how people gain awareness and confidence to change, their motivations, choices and actions; more importantly how that links to their contribution and performance in the workplace.

Previously working in local government she set up her first training and development business in 2003. Since she has delivered training, facilitation, facilitator training and coaching to NHS Hospital Trusts, City of York Council, The British Museum, School of Social Entrepreneurs, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Lifeline Project, Hull CVS, Association of Chartered Accountants, Bradford School of Management, University of Leeds, and the Department of Work and Pensions.
She is a qualified coach, mediator, Open Space facilitator, Team Coach and Authorised Facilitator in the Team Diagnostic Assessment profiling tool.

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