Open Action Learning sets

Our open action learning sets invite you to join a group of people you don’t yet know but who share a similar context, role or situation. Action learning is a great way to stretch your thinking, reflect, grow your ideas, solve your work-related problems, and develop a network of constructively critical friends.

Joining one of our open peer action learning sets provides a challenging but rewarding and effective way to address the work issues that really matter to you. And don’t worry if you find it difficult to get to a set for face-to-face contact: we also offer virtual action learning via Zoom or telephone conferencing.

Action learning enables you to have powerful conversations which will move you from where you are to where you want to be. Find out more about action learninghow it works and who benefits most.

The benefits

There are many benefits associated with participating in action learning. Here are just a few of them:

  • Gain a fresh perspective by mixing with people from outside of your organisation and your usual context
  • The support, challenge and encouragement to develop realistic solutions and achieve your goals
  • Breathing space to explore the issues you face and to plan, test out ideas and refresh your thinking
  • Learn from and with others as part of your continuing professional development (CPD)
  • You’ll use listening and discussion to explore everyone’s situations, developing your interpersonal and communication skills as you go along

The type of action learning sets we offer

  • Peer sets — you would be placed in a set relevant to your context; for example, CEOs, new leaders looking to develop into their role, entrepreneurs wanting to test and develop their ideas, freelancers looking for a network, SME owners looking to grow their businesses, or managers with competing demands who are looking for new perspectives.
  • Career-transition sets — ideal for anyone considering a new job or a new career, or looking to progress up the job ladder.
  • Continuing professional development sets — these are for experienced facilitators, coaches and consultants who want to fine-tune their practice, test new ideas, freshen up their skills and build their networks.

Why not give open action learning a try?

We offer an initial ‘give it a go’ session lasting 3 hours, in a set with 5 others, to see if the group dynamic works. If the answer is yes and you want to go ahead, you can then sign up for 6 further sessions, meeting approximately every 6 weeks. Team agreements are made around confidentiality, commitment, dates and logistics.

Wondering if open action learning could work for you?

There’s no obligation, so why not contact us for dates, more information, or to register your interest? Call 0800 084 2393 or email us.